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C.L. Wilson Construction, Inc. is a state licensed contractor operating on a variety of fronts. We specialize in Custom homes, additions and renovations. However, no job is too big or small, we undertake all sorts of projects from window and door replacements to complete renovations and even project management. We can help you from a design/build concept or handyman projects around your home. As insurance rates continue to rise, we have started to perform wind mitigation inspections for customers to help curb those costs. In addition to wind mitigation inspections we also do 4 point and roof certifications for customers needing to reign in rising insurance costs. No matter the project, we are committed to providing you, the customer a pleasant experience. I assure you we use the best materials and tradesmen to complete your project to your satisfaction.

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C.L. Wilson Construction has emphasized a green building style which makes sense on all levels. We first start with I.C.F. (Interconnected Concrete Forms) construction instead of concrete block. After the walls are plum and square we fill the entire 4″ core solid with concrete. Concrete block walls are not poured solid as a result they can only achieve approximately R-11. By comparison, I.C.F. walls are bullet proof literally and achieve approximately R-38. Not only does a solid concrete core make the wall energy efficient but also very strong. Then we set and double wrap the trusses(building code is single wrap) and frame the house. At this point, we spray closed cell insulation underneath the roof sheathing and top truss cords. By using the closed cell foam in this way we accomplish two things. First it insulates the attic space so the attic temp will not vary more than 10 degrees from the air conditioned space below. By keeping the attic cooler your air conditioner will run less and save you money. Second, the closed cell foam acts like a super glue and bonds the roof sheathing and trusses together for a much stronger roof system. This one improvement will save money on your insurance premiums when you have your wind mitigation inspection done. Then we place double paned low-E windows and doors into your home and wrap the construction up with energy efficient appliances and let the energy savings begin. If you opt to go with a standing seam metal roof with insulated and impact rated windows and a stand by generator you are prepared for the worst a hurricane can throw at you no plywood, shutters or power company needed.

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